Eternity rings have diamonds set in a pattern all the way around the band, symbolising a love that has no beginning and no ending. Eternity rings have become our most popular choice for wedding rings. They are beautiful worn together with engagement rings or on their own. Eternity rings are also perfect to celebrate other special occasions such as an anniversary or the birth of a child.

“Full” eternity rings have stones set all the way around the band in a continuous pattern. “Half” eternity bands have stones on one side of the band that is worn facing up, with the other half of the band being plain.

Being our specialty, we have a wide selection of eternity ring styles in a variety of settings available to choose from. Prices of eternity rings vary depending on the design and size of the stones. For more intricate lace patterns set on a wider band, consider one of our exquisite anniversary rings. We make all eternity rings and anniversary rings custom to fit perfectly on your finger.

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