Receive professional advice from your jeweller

Learn more about diamonds, coloured gemstones and precious metals from our jewellers at Daniella. This section includes facts about many popular stones and metals, as well as information on caring for your jewellery.

Whether you are selecting your bridal jewellery, a piece of jewellery to celebrate a special occasion, or jewellery for everyday wear, it is important to consider the type of diamond or coloured gemstone as well as the metal it is set in. Understanding the characteristics of precious stones and precious metals is vital if you want to ensure yourself the truest of quality and the materials that best suits your taste and lifestyle.

For further information or assistance please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to assist you with selecting the right stone and metal for you.

Jewellery Care

The best way to keep your jewellery looking beautiful is to let Daniella take care of it for you. We offer complimentary lifetime cleaning and inspection on all Daniella jewellery. Between your visits to our showroom, we recommend cleaning your jewellery at home and taking measures to ensure your jewellery remains shiny and sparkling.

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